The Aros Team


For many years there has been a request among the riders in Denmark. A request for exactly this kind of an outdoor competition; at a satisfying location, with a cosy atmosphere and a professional team of judges. Our main goal is to arrange an exclusive event, full of glamour and ofcouse with focus on quality and positivity.

It is our vision to make this come true!

Lisa La Cour Júlíusson

Jane Pedersen

Frederikke Kjærgaard Aabo

Rikke Schöllhammer Wolff


We are a passionate team, with many different experiences as competition riders, organizers and as members of various clubs and committees in Denmark.

This is the foundation of our strong team.

Team of Judges

Rune Svendsen

Pia Hansen

Stefan Hackauf

Pjetur Nikulás Pjetursson

Elsa Magnúsdóttir

Sigríður Pjetursdóttir

Johann Häggberg

Peter Häggberg

Inga Trottenberg

Dorthe Rostock

Gerd Engelbrecht

SUPER Friendly Staff

Our helpers are super nice and friendly. They are all ready to do their best to ensure that the Aros Gait Event will be the best event of the year.

So meet them with positivity!

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